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With fluctuations and variations in weather conditions, homes and property owners have begun to figure out different ways to keep their properties warm. Apart from regular heating, underfloor heating is another way of heating properties. While it is mostly considered a luxurious feature, it has become a must-have feature in modern homes, and Lloyd’s gas and renewables is making a difference with underfloor heating Bolton.

Many commercial properties use underfloor heating Bolton as a reliable and efficient way to heat up large rooms. As a team of professional underfloor heating engineers in Bolton, get in touch with Lloyds Gas for a no-obligation quote. Our highly experienced and qualified engineers serve Bolton and surrounding areas. Our process is transparent, intending to give you a clear picture of what is required before we start.

Underfloor heating engineer in Bolton

Lloyd’s gas and renewables is a seasoned provider of underfloor heating Bolton and can help you install the best solution that suits you and your property. We are experienced, and our team of engineers will work closely with you to design and install your bespoke underfloor heating system for your Bolton property.

At Lloyd's Gas, we offer our services to both new and old properties. Our underfloor heating systems ensure your rooms are made comfortable with the temperature all through. Our years of experience offering underfloor heating Bolton to our clients have set us apart as one of the best teams of underfloor heating engineers in Bolton. We work closely with our clients to deliver their specific requirements. Whether they have a new or old property, our different underfloor heating systems will cater to their requirements.

Underfloor heating installation in Bolton

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating gives you an entirely new way to heat your home, different from the conventional heating systems that most homes have. It is a greener and more energy-efficient solution that entails installing the heating system underneath the floor. The heat rises upward through radiation from the floor to warm the entire room. Underfloor heating is of two types - wet underfloor heating and dry (electric) heating. Whichever one of the two types you choose to go with, be assured that our team of Gas Safe engineers at Lloyd’s gas and renewables can help you with the installation.

Our underfloor Heating System offering is perfect if you want to reduce your energy bills. Heating is one of the most consuming expenses that many UK residents have to deal with. But you can stay ahead of that with professionally installed underfloor heating Bolton.

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Types of underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating involves laying a circuit of pipes and then distributing warm water through them. Once the warm water has been distributed, the heat is then monitored through smart thermostats to ensure that the temperature is consistent throughout the property. This type of underfloor heating is more energy efficient as it reduces your carbon footprint. The radiant heat it works with ensures that warmth is distributed evenly across the entire floor. You can also combine it with a heat pump for renewable heating.

Electric underfloor heating (dry)

This is the more common underfloor heating system, and it entails using ultra-thin wires to heat up the floor. When you turn on your dry underfloor heating system, the wire heats up, leading to the floor’s surface heating up. This is usually installed before you lay down your home’s flooring. And if you live in an old property, you may have to bring up the current flooring to install it.

Dry underfloor heating is energy efficient and easy to operate. You can use it with any type of flooring, and with Lloyd’s gas and renewables expertise and experience in underfloor heating Bolton, we simplify the installation process and make it totally hassle-free for you.

Underfloor heating installers in Bolton

Lloyd’s gas and renewables offers both electric underfloor heating and wet underfloor heating. We bring immense value, including notable years of experience and well-trained licensed professional engineers. We walk with you through the entire process and offer highly competitive pricing to ensure you get the best service from us. The high-quality materials we use also guarantee long-lasting projects for our clients.

If you need experts at underfloor heating installers in Bolton, contact us today at Lloyd’s gas and renewables to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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Lloyd’s gas and renewables is a trusted and reliable underfloor heating installer in Bolton and its surrounding areas. We have a long list of satisfied clients, and we’re happy to take on your next underfloor heating installation project. Call us today, and we’ll get started right away with a free estimate.

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