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Lloyd’s gas and renewables

Project 8

Running 2 mixed circuits on weather compensation, both radiators and UFH adjusting temperatures accordingly to the outside temperature , keeping the property at a constant comfort temperature using minimal energy

Project 7

7kw aerotherm plus heat pump, 200ltr cylinder and full central heating installation finished today. The system is designed for a 45 degree flow temperature on a -3 day giving high scope throughout the year. No buffer needed as pipe work has been sized giving enough flow rates and pump head required and sufficient volume in the system.

Running weather compensation to adjust flow temperatures according to outdoor temperature maximising comfort and minimal start/stops for the heat pump

Project 6

Intergas eco rf fitted running with priority hot water. This setup gives up the ability to run two different temperatures and outputs . Faster cylinder recovery time and the boiler running efficiently in condensing mode 24/7 on the heating.

Project 5

Converted a gravity fed system to pressurised unvented. Vr66/vr10 and vrt380f running modulation on central heating . Less kw/h’s used , more condensing and higher efficiencies for this boiler.

Project 4

This property was originally running from two 30kw boilers, using a ridiculous 60 kwh of energy every time there was a heating demand. Both boilers have been removed and replaced with one system configured to suit, now running at a maximum of 13kw’s for heating and as little as 3kw’s! Over 50% energy savings for this customer! All radiators flushed and a couple of new designer’s fitted. finished off with evo home and OT bridge giving individual room temperature control over 12 zones all controlled from the mobile app.

Project 3

Viessman 200w with a mixergy cylinder, mixergy gives full control over hot water via the app , giving the choice of using the indirect heat source or immersion. This will be having a solar diverter added so the majority of hot water will be heated from solar pv and the remaining will be topped up from the boiler. PDHW set up meaning central heating can be running weather compensation and condensing as it should.

Project 2

Tight space on this one. Larger than usual 300 ltr cylinder used for this due to solar pv being added and wanting as much storage as possible. Even so with the large coil this has a full reheat time of 40 minutes from cold 😳 that’s 7.5 liters per minute, that’s 10 minutes to heat enough water for a bath and 6 minutes for a shower. 230v switch controls are wired through a relay to enable the use of weather compensation on the central heating. Separation installed at the underfloor heating manifold in the form of closely spaced tees.

Project 1

Underfloor heating job finished in sale, keeping energy bills down with low temperature systems.