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We’re highly rated gas engineers who specialise in achieving high efficiency on all of our new boilers. We just don’t just install boilers, we finely tune them to perform at 98% efficiency - a vast improvement from the 87% efficiency that most boilers give straight out of the box.

Optimisation during new boiler installations, coupled with precise and tailored heating system design, means our customers enjoy cash savings thanks to the additional energy efficiency. Saving money on energy bills is a direct result of having boiler installations completed to a high standard by expert heating engineers.

We’re not like some of the big national companies that prioritise profit , our customers are at the heart of the service we provide and have been from the beginning.

Passionate about what we do and offering our customers a massive range in boilers and heating solutions, Lloyds Gas are proud to be a company who are renowned for their industry-leading excellence and skill in new boiler installation.

We are the best option for new boiler installation Manchester has to offer, call us today for a FREE quote for your brand new boiler!

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Lloyd’s gas and renewables boiler fitters in Manchester

Our boiler installation process

Provide information

Start by giving us a few details about your home and current central heating system.

Free estimate

We’ll then be able to give you impartial advice and a free quote for the work you need completed.

Free survey

After that, we’ll arrange a free central heating survey so we can take a closer look at things and give you a final fixed price.

Choose date

Pick a date and time that works for you, then our friendly team of accredited installers will arrive and install your gas boiler!

new installed boiler in Manchester Gas Safe boiler fitters Manchester

Heating and new boiler installations

Choosing a gas safe registered heating engineer to carry our work on a gas central heating system is essential. Our accredited installers are fully qualified to carry out work on your gas boiler.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality, expansive knowledge and unwavering commitment to delivering a brilliant service for our customers. You can feel assured that your every requirement will be discussed, considered and met by our fully qualified team of boiler installation experts in Manchester.

Lloyds Gas offer a boiler installation service like no other at a great price that can’t be beaten, call our gas safe engineers today!

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Why choose Lloyd’s gas & renewables for Boiler Installation Manchester?

Trade prices

We can offer a great price on boilers because we extend the trade prices that we receive onto our customers, keeping costs down and satisfaction up.

5 star service

Highly reviewed and regularly rated 5 star - Our brilliant service guarantees expert workmanship delivered by our friendly heating engineers.

Free magnetic filter

Every boiler installation comes with a free magnetic filter; extending the life of your boiler by keeping it clean, debris-free and energy efficient.

2-14 year warranty

Whether its a gas boiler, a combi boiler or otherwise, every new boiler fitted comes with comprehensive warranty, protecting our customers for years.

Finance options available

Spread the cost of your new boiler installation by taking advantage of our range of finance options. Speak to our team today to help choose the best option for you.

No sub-contractors

We don’t believe in delegating the important parts of the job to engineers that we don’t know. Offering you complete accountability and ownership, Lloyd’s gas and renewables oversee every aspect of new boiler installation 100% of the time.

Free wireless room thermostat

Monitor and operate your new gas heating system from anywhere in the house with our free wireless room thermostat - complimentary with every boiler installation.

Types of boilers we install

  • Worcester 4000
  • Intergas Boilers
  • ATAG
  • Viessman
Lloyd’s gas and renewables Boiler Installation Manchester Lloyd’s gas and renewables Boiler Installation Manchester

Combi boiler, system boiler or heat-only boiler -
What is best?

Choosing the right boiler or central heating system system for your home is difficult, especially if you do not know what you are doing. The different types of gas boilers available come with their own sets of pros and cons, as well as an assortment of technical differences depending on your priorities. For example, if you don't the most energy efficient boiler, a condensing boiler may be the best boiler to keep those energy bills down!

See below for a brief overview of the different types of boilers put together by the expert gas engineers at Lloyd’s gas and renewables;

Combi boiler installation Manchester

Combi boilers produce gas heating and hot water for a home, with water heated instantly without the need for a hot water storage cylinder. A combi boiler will typically have low maintenance and repair costs covered in the fixed price under the new boiler guarantee. This is the ideal type of gas boiler for smaller households with less hot water requirements.

System Boilers installation Manchester

System boilers are similar to combination boilers (combi boiler) but requires a steel hot water storage cylinder to supply hot water throughout the property via the pipes and radiators. These are the ideal boilers for homes that have a high demand for hot water and are great for maintaining water pressure topped up by the mains supply.

Heat-only Boilers installation Manchester

A heat-only boiler, also known as a conventional boiler, also uses a hot water storage cylinder for hot water, but only to distributed throughout the central heating system. A conventional boiler comes with the cheapest replacement and repair costs of all the boiler types due to small size and simplicity of installation.

If you are not knowledgable about boilers, you should always seek advice from a reputable boiler installation company, or a reliable, gas safe registered heating engineer, before deciding on a boiler replacement. This is especially true if you need to know what boiler you have or if the situation is urgent, e.g. in the event of gas leaks causing foul smells or discolouring your carbon monoxide detector. At this point it is critical that boiler replacement or repair is done quickly, because the longer the old boiler is left, the more dangerous it is.

New boiler installation Manchester by
Gas Safe registered engineers

All of the new boiler engineers at Lloyd’s gas and renewables are Gas Safe Registered, operating in line with UK legislation. Due to the volatility of liquid petroleum gas, we ensure that the installation process for gas boilers is thorough, safe and secure, ensuring that your property is protected when we are replacing your old boiler.

All of the new boiler engineers at Lloyd’s gas and renewables are Gas Safe Registered, operating in line with UK legislation. Due to the volatility of liquid petroleum gas, we ensure that the installation process for gas boilers is thorough, safe and secure, ensuring that your property is protected when we are replacing your old boiler.

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Area's we cover

We provide boiler installation in Manchester & to the surrounding areas, working with boiler brands such as Vaillant and Worcester. Some of these areas include;

Altrincham, Bolton, Bramhall, Bury, Cheadle, Rochdale, Salford, Oldham, Stockport & Wigan.