For the majority of people in the UK, relying on their boiler for hot water and comfort in their home is something that they do every day.

Because we rely on it so much, however, means that they suffer a significant amount of wear and tear. Sadly, a boiler is a machine that isn’t built to last forever. You can repair them many times, but eventually you will have to replace them.

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We are Lloyd’s gas and renewables -- a group of family-run heating and plumbing experts who’ve been serving residents and businesses of Salford and the surrounding areas for many years. Whether they need us for a completely new boiler installation, regular boiler maintenance or a last minute emergency callout -- we’re there.

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for any plumber or heating engineer who installs boilers to be Gas safe trained and registered. When you choose Lloyd’s gas and renewables for your new boiler fitting in Salford, you can be confident that the plumber who turns up will be highly-qualified, fully Gas safe registered and, of course, friendly, helpful and obliging.

We know that for our customers, a boiler installation should be two things: safe and professional. That’s why we continually invest in the education and training of our engineers so that they can carry out their work to the highest standards both in terms of quality and safety.

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We know that, for most people, the intricacies of boilers and the different types available is foreign and unfamiliar territory. But here at Lloyd’s Gas, we have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject and are enthusiastic about sharing it with our customers so that they feel informed enough to make the best decision when choosing the boiler that best suits their home, budget and needs.

Every boiler we supply is “A Rated” meaning it meets a strict industry benchmark for quality of parts, energy-efficiency, performance and safe running.

You may feel hesitant to buy a new boiler for a variety of reasons, but it’s worth remembering that every heating service in your home will be better after the installation of a new boiler and, because of the improved energy efficiency, you will even most likely save money on energy bills.

Get in touch with us today if you need some advice or would like to find out more about our prices and services.

Can my boiler be repaired or do I need to replace it?

It’s natural to want to avoid replacing your boiler unless it’s absolutely necessary. However, inevitably there will come a time where it’s your only option. The problem lies in knowing whether your boiler can be safely patched up by a professional boiler engineer or is ready for the figurative scrapheap in the sky.

One way to get an accurate status check on your boiler is to make sure you keep up with your annual boiler services. This will let you know its current condition, highlight any issues and give you an insight into how much life is left in it. Taking the time to maintain your boiler can help you save costly repair bills in the future as issues can be addressed before they become problematic.

Lloyd’s gas and renewables can expertly perform all manner of boiler repairs. We also let customers know when continuing to repair that has outlived its time will be false economy. At this stage, we can help with choosing a new boiler that is for you.

To see how much life is left in your boiler and identify any issues that could be affecting daily running and performance be sure to book in for an annual boiler service with Lloyd’s gas and renewables today.

Indicators that you probably need an annual boiler service or a new boiler

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact Lloyd’s gas and renewables and book in for a service, annual check, repair or replacement.

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Different types of boiler

Many people falsely assume that there are a large selection of different types of boiler. And whilst this much is true for different models and certain manufacturer nuances, in general, a boiler is either conventional or combination.

Conventional boilers

The traditional style of boiler which uses a cold water tank (often kept in the loft) to hold water before it is transferred into a hot water tank and distributed around the house.

They will often have an immersion system which allows for the water to be heated when the boiler fails for whatever reason, meaning you will always have some access to hot water should the worst happen.

These are a great choice for larger houses as the tanks can take up some space. It takes some time to heat the water too, which is why a lot of people who have this system make use of scheduled boiler programs to keep a hot supply readily available.

Combination boiler

Combination boilers heat water immediately as and when it is needed. Think of it as a sort of “heat on demand”. An efficient and compact solution for smaller homes and the installation is a lot less involved than the installation of a conventional boiler. The downside is that when they break, you will have no access to hot water.

Lloyd’s gas and renewables are experienced masters when it comes to both combi and conventional installs -- you can rely on us no matter which new central heating installation you choose.

We can normally put your new boiler in the same place where the old one was and it’s no effort for us to safely and responsibly dispose of your old boiler as well.

For expert advice and your free quote, get in touch with us today.

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Lloyd’s gas and renewables deliver the fixes to a whole range of central heating problems, meaning anyone in Salford or the surrounding areas needing a professional plumbing or heating solution can call on us with confidence.

We always strive to keep our prices low and our services accessible to all. We’re honest and upfront with costs and offer free quotes on all of our services.

There’s no ask too great for our co-operative team and customer satisfaction sits at the very top of our priorities.

Lloyd’s gas and renewables heating engineers operate under the 3 P's: professionality, politeness and punctuality.

Speak with a member of our team today to get yourself booked in. We'll be more than happy to give you a free quote and access to our enviable wealth of knowledge.

Areas we cover

Lloyd’s gas and renewables provide boiler installation in Manchester and the surrounding areas, these include;

Altrincham, Bolton, Bramhall, Bury, Cheadle, Rochdale, Salford, Oldham, Stockport & Wigan.